Hi! I am MiVi! I love DBZ, MadoMagi, Sailor Moon and Higurashi no Naku koro ni. I also love the sims, Disney, Supernatural and I like drawing too.

I take requests (sometimes) and I am open to ideas and suggestions for new drawings!

At least she had a blast with the box.

Today I went to ChinaTown with one of my friends and I found an Aloe Vera shampoo that was named ”Forever Aloe”

I giggled like an idiot and now I regret I didn’t take a photo.

Again, I used this and this generator to create a character with a superpower. This time the power is ”witch”!

She is a cute athletic witch taking a break from her work out.

I used this and this generator to make a random character with a magical power. Her magical power is ”summoning”

She is summoning little water elementals with her bracelet to help her water her flowers.



*happy scream*