Hi! I am MiVi! I love DBZ, MadoMagi, Sailor Moon and Higurashi no Naku koro ni. I also love the sims, Disney, Supernatural and I like drawing too.

I take requests (sometimes) and I am open to ideas and suggestions for new drawings!

And with that I conclude my football posts. I will be back to drawing soon.

Ah well. That’s such a pity. But it’s not bad. Argentina is still one of the best, Germany won with help and we are second in Brazil none the less. I say it was a good match.

The referee was a still a bitch though.

I have the feeling that the ”Go germsmany” posts i see in my dashboard are from APH fans.

Such a pity. Argentina is still awesome! VAMOS ARGENTINA!

Someone call the German team. Tell them they could bring a gun to the game and shoot the Argentinian team. They won’t get any red cards at all!

Fuck that bitch referee.

That referee is totally playing for Holland. Why doesn’t he put on a Holland shirt while he is at it?